Control Your Audio with a

Smart Audio Kit


A Simple, Flexible and Affordable

Commercial Audio Control Solution

Finally a smart audio system that locally manages all your music and allows you to control your audio with your phone. Plus, a build-in broadcast system and a Automatic Design to help you create your own independent audio experience.

Developed by a field experienced team of

Loxone enthusiasts.

Inder Kanwal

Loxone partner since 2016

Daniel Lopez

Loxone partner since 2014


The Loxone App is the convenient way to control your audio

Controlling your audio has never been easier thanks to the free Loxone app.  Set your audio zones in the app and then change volume levels or audio sources by zone. With the Loxone app audio control is always at your fingertips. The app works on a local network so it will always work even if your internet is down. And with the Loxone DNS Service you can connect to the Audio Kit even if you are outside the network!


Scale the kit to meet your needs

The TSB Audio Kit’s flexible wiring make it easy to scale the kit for any audio arrangement. The base kit comes with 6 stereo outputs and to expand the kit simply add more Stereo Extensions. Each Stereo Extension adds two additional stereo outputs. For larger or multi-building arrangements, you can add another Audioserver with a LAN connection and control it as another zone or have it still part of your main audio zone. The flexibility and expandability of the Audio Kit is unmatched.


With the Loxone Miniserver as the brain of the system, the Audio Kit goes beyond basic audio control


A built-in PA system

With the broadcast feature, the Audio Kit can also be used as a PA system to broadcast emergency announcements all from your phone, in seconds. Simply open the app and choose which zones you wish to broadcast to and record your message.


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The Automatic Designer feature in the app lets you instantly create rules based on certain criteria being met. For example, you can set rules to automatically change playlists based on time of day for relaxing music in the morning and more upbeat music in the afternoon. If you have offices in the building, have the music be quieter during the day and louder during the evenings and weekends. Whatever you think of, you can make a rule for it.


The Audio Kit supports almost all audio formats and can play music from either onboard storage or by a streaming service.


Installation Diagram of the Loxone Stereo Extension
  • 1 x Miniserver Go

  • 1 x Audioserver

  • 1 x Stereo Extension

  • 1 x Programming File

  • 1 x Installation Document

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