Get the Security and Privacy You Need with Local Automated Video Recordings

Captive is a localized video recording solution making it easy to schedule, record and download mp4 recordings on a local or networked computer.

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What is Captive?

If you want to video schedule, record, store, and manage highly confidential information, the best way is on a local system. Then, you can control who has access.

Enter Captive: designed for local encrypted capture and storage.

Captive allows you to schedule a recording on demand from most IP cameras or Digital Video Recording (DVR) systems, tag the video to be downloaded, and store or view the video on any mp4-supported platform

How It Works

Find out how easy it is to log into Captive, schedule a recording, view upcoming or past bookings, manage software users, and more.

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Captive is the ideal solution for any company that must keep their video content secure and private.

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