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If you are a security company providing CCTV solutions to businesses, consider Captive as part of your full-service package. With Captive, enhance current security and privacy products with a way to schedule, record, store, and manage highly confidential video recordings locally.

Secure and Private Video Recordings

Customers rely on your surveillance systems to maintain security and capture important information. With Captive your existing products may now record lectures and clinical tests in a university setting, allow pharmacists to conduct private consultations, give jails a way to track visitors, and much more.

Captive takes security and privacy to the next level. It is designed for local encrypted capture and storage with the ability to schedule and create tags for each recording, view upcoming or past bookings, and manage software users.

Discover how easy it is to use Captive by watching our video.

How It Works

Find out how easy it is to log into Captive, schedule a recording, view upcoming or past bookings, manage software users, and more.

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