DIY Automation

Loxone DIY Automation Steps

Consider Product Automation to Conserve Energy, Earn More Money, and Give You Peace of Mind

Did you know you can automate specific products you use in your business? Our standard automation products can control lights, blinds, HVAC, music, and more. Here are some ways automation benefits your business:

  • Turn off lights when not in use
  • Make sure security alarm system is activated even when you’re not on site
  • Alert you if there is a break-in or damage from fire or water
  • Flash the lights to signify a visitor (for the hearing impaired)
  • Monitor humidity and control airflow to prevent mold and mildew
  • Protect your data from firewalls and security mechanisms as our automation works without an Internet connection

Price Your Automation

Before making a purchase, use our quoting tool to determine which products you need for your project and get an estimated hardware price.