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This is the seventh part of our 8-part Deep Dive Series into the LiteTouch system. At TSB we are committed to educating people through our own independent research about automation systems. However, we are not perfect, so if something appears wrong in our research, please contact us or leave a comment below for us to address.

Replacing a LiteTouch system with Loxone is a simple and straightforward process. Loxone can be wired using the same wiring architecture that LiteTouch used. This means there is less of a chance that you need to run new wire through your walls. The Loxone dimmers can also work with almost any type of bulb so you can make use of your existing bulbs. Best of all, the Loxone Automation system can do all the same things LiteTouch did and more! If you want to see how Loxone compares to LiteTouch, you can read TSB LiteTouch Series 5: How Does Loxone Compare to LiteTouch to see more.

Replacing the Modules

Loxone is similar to LiteTouch in that it has its own “modules” or extensions for functions like dimming, relays and digital inputs. To replace something like the LiteTouch quad dimmer, you simply swap it out for the Loxone Dimmer and depending on your light load, your lights will be dimmed the same with no additional parts. For all the known LiteTouch modules, there are no additional wiring that needs to be done in the panels as the Loxone extensions use the same wiring structure as the LiteTouch. The Loxone components also have a smaller footprint and have more flexibility in installation due to them being DIN rail mounted. This means instead of having to rip out panels from your wall, like some other automation systems, Loxone, will fit nicely into the existing panels, with some slight additions of finger trays and DIN rail.

Replacing the Brains

The main brain of the LiteTouch system is the CCU. This is replaced with the Loxone Miniserver. The miniserver is the brains of the Loxone system and communicates between all extensions and switches to take care of lighting, HVAC, security, blinds, multi-room audio and more.

Replacing the Keypads

The LiteTouch keypads are easily replaced with the award winning Loxone Touch switches. Loxone has multiple styles of switches for you to pick from, and all of their sleek switches control multiple light circuits in a room as well as blinds and music. What’s even more impressive is that almost all of the switches have a built-in temperature and humidity sensors so you can monitor the temperature and humidity throughout your house. This gives you the advantage of being able to set the temperature in different rooms for more efficient use of your home’s heating/cooling, resulting in savings for your energy bills. You can click here to see a page, we made to show you all the Loxone switches

As you can see, replacing LiteTouch with Loxone is a straightforward process. If you have a LiteTouch system in your home, and it’s starting to act consider replacing it now with Loxone before anything goes wrong.

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