Building management systems are essential for large-sized facilities like data centers, hotels, schools and colleges, hospitals, offices, commercial establishments, etc. let’s say you are the manager of a large building with several rooms. Every room is fitted with numerous lights and fans. They each have an entertainment system, air conditioners, heaters and other devices that run on electricity. As the building manager, it is your responsibility to reduce energy wastage, reduce unnecessary maintenance costs, and add to the longevity of the devices and the building.

Wouldn’t you be exhausted at the end of the day trying to achieve these aims? You would have to employ a considerable number of employees who will take care of individual floors. Not to mention, there is always a probability of human error, and the personnel may forget to check one room. It could lead to energy wastage for as long as this goes unnoticed. It seems like a pretty daunting task. Well, this is why we have building management systems.

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