LiteTouch giving you problems?

Upgrade to Loxone for a more comfortable living

If you’re tired of issues with LiteTouch, monthly fees or waiting on controls people to get back you,

then consider upgrading your LiteTouch to Loxone, Europe’s leading home automation system.

What you need to know about Loxone


Made in Austria, once Loxone is setup it just works.


Loxone can control almost everything in your house. It can control your lighting, climate control, blinds, audio, security and more. Everything can be customized to your liking so it all depends on how much control you would like.

Privacy Focused

No emails required to use Loxone.

Internet Free

Loxone doesn’t need to be connected to the internet to work. As a result, your devices will still work even when your internet is down.

Convenient App

The Loxone App is the convenient way to control everything in your home. Available on your phone, tablet or computer,  the app lets you change the lights or music in a room without getting up.

Award-winning switches

Loxone works on a local network. This means there is no chance of your devices not working due to internet issues.

“Each time I’m staying at a friend’s place or hotel, I have to get used to doing everything manually again. Switching lights, adjusting temperatures and ventilation turning on music and so on. I’m not that good with technology, but I really love how our new home takes care of so many things. You don’t want to miss that level of comfort again.”

Shillon Burak

What do you get?

Easy installation


Loxone uses the same wiring architecture as LiteTouch. Therefore, it can make use of the existing wiring in your home. This means there is no need to damage your walls by running new wire!

Modules to Extension

The functionality of LiteTouch modules can be easily replaced with Loxone Extensions that do similar functionality. This means transitioning to your new Loxone system will be a smooth process.

LiteTouch to Loxone Switches

LiteTouch’s switch is easily replaced with Loxone’s refined and modern switch. Only one touch is needed in the center to control your lights, and best of all it has built-in temperature and humidity sensor.

What do you get?

smart app

On top of the switches, you have access to the free Loxone App to control everything in your home. The app gives the ability to change lighting scenes and set new moods with just a few taps.  The app includes powerful features such as:

Automatic Designer

The Automatic Designer feature lets you quickly make rules to automate tasks without any programming knowledge.

Automatic Moods

Lighting moods is perfect to change the feel of a room for the perfect mood. Set it up to automatically change moods based on time of day.

What do you get?

More Smart Features


Loxone dampers are used to create precise zones and climate control for the most efficient home for heating and cooling system.


The Loxone Audioserver provides high quality music, radio, doorbell and notifications to any room in your home.


Loxone’s security features makes it so your smart home provides telephone, email and app notifications for any alerts.


Loxone does automatic blind control that can be controlled through either the app or from a tap to the corner of the Loxone switches.

“Another thing I really love is the design of the Touch switches. I think they are beautifully designed. We get a lot of comments from friends. It gives me an opportunity to tell them about Loxone. Every time I show somebody how to use it, they soon get the hang of it and find it easy to use the switches.”

Richard Thompson, Owner of Whistlers Barn

How Much Does It Cost?

We’re dedicated to privacy and transparency. That’s why we’ve made an instant quoting tool that doesn’t require an email.

Get Started

Hire local electrician

Have your local electrician of choice contact us about upgrading your LiteTouch system and we’ll walk through with them on how to begin the upgrade your LiteTouch system. The electrician will be able to provide with a Product price quote and TSB will work through your electrician for the entirety of the project.

Pro DIY Management

If you want to be more hands on the project, that works too! We’ll provide you with all the instruction and drawings you’ll need to manage the upgrade of your LiteTouch system. You will need to hire a electrician for some aspects of the upgrade but with this choice all the Loxone equipment will be sold and shipped to you.