Loxone App

Control with the Loxone App

The Loxone App is the convenient way to instantly control all your building’s functions in an easy to use free app.

What does the Loxone App do?

The Loxone App is how you interface with the Loxone Automation System. It gives you instant control over all your building’s functions in a convenient and easy to use free app. Control the lighting, temperature, blinds and more from either your phone, tablet or computer.

What devices is it available on?

The Loxone app is available on phones, tablets and computers on both Windows, Android and Apple products. For Loxone App 12.0, Android devices must be Version 6 or newer, iPhone or iPad must be iOS 13 or newer but older versions can stay on Loxone App 11.0, macOS must be OS X El Capitan (OS X 10.11) to macOS Catalina.

There is also support for Android Wear & Apple Watch through the shortcuts feature.

How can I download it?

You can download the Loxone User App for any of your devices at the links below.

What are some useful features of the app?

The Loxone App has a lot of hidden gems, that quit frankly, despite our years of experience with Loxone we still don’t know. However, we’ve put together a list of a few features we continuously use in our Loxone setup at home, and some that our clients have told us they love.

Automatic Designer

Take control to the next level with the the Automatic Designer. The Automatic Designer feature lets you create rules directly from the app, bypassing any programming knowledge needed or knowledge of Loxone Config. These rules combine conditional statements to create intricate rules to control functions in your building/house. You can create rules to automate daily functions/tasks such as making sure your garage closes at night so you don’t have to worry about if you closed it or not or using presence detection and the time of day you usually get home to set the lights to an evening mood and play a podcast over the speakers.

Lighting Moods

This is a powerful feature of Loxone that was, at one time, unique to Loxone only. You can setup / adjust moods in the Loxone app easily, so when you touch the  centre of your switch the moods you customize will become available. Super powerful and very easy to use and configure. This is a feature of the app Daniel and I use every season to adjust our moods for the exterior climate.


Statistics is a vital part of managing a home or business. Loxone gives you the ability to enable statistics on almost anything through the Loxone Config tool, and then you can visualize the statistics on the graph. Want to know how the temperature has varied? Want to know how many times your left closet door versus right one has opened? (We like this one for fun) See what the hot water tank temperature is varying and at what time of day? Statistics help bring a true measurements to your project to make evidence based decisions.

Want to learn how to use the Loxone App?

We Can Help!

At TSB, we provide detailed manuals on the Loxone App that we’ve developed from years of installing and programming Loxone systems. We have created the manuals for all our product purchasing customers to use as a simple practical way for people to understand the full capability of their system.