Loxone Config

Loxone Automation starts with Loxone Config

Powerful, yet simple to use with its pre-built function blocks, Loxone Config is a premier automation software tool. Loxone software plays a key part in being able to fully program your home or building installation.

What does Loxone Config Do?

Loxone config is the primary programming tool for the Loxone Automation System. The software initializes and setups up the core code and automation components for a professional Loxone installation. You cannot setup Loxone without Loxone Config software so you’ll need to know the basics of using this software to program your Miniserver. However, after you have a core automation setup completed some automation tasks can be done through the mobile app using the automatic designer function, which is easier and faster to use than Loxone Config.

Typically, we encourage our customers to use the app to program their automation system instead of contacting us. The reason for this is simple. They can change and program as they see fit, and by doing so they become more in control of their system…plus we don’t have to charge them.

How can I get it?

Are there any fees to use the software?  NO

Loxone config is FREE to…..

What are some useful features of the program?

Loxone Config uses ladder logic to control states in the Miniserver. You simply drag and drop inputs, outputs and pre-built function blocks for instant functionality. Over our years of experience with Loxone, The Smartest Builder’s team has identified 3 core features we use a lot in the Loxone Config.

100+ Function Blocks

There are close to 200 pre-programmed function blocks to control things from your lighting and temperature to energy management in your home. For example the HVAC function block allows you to control different heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. From the app image below you can see all the status and setting options.

Auto Configuration

Loxone’s Auto Configuration tool in Loxone Config is a very powerful and rapid programmer for your Loxone systems. All you have to do is select features that you want to let the system configure for you, and the configuration tool takes over. Some projects don’t even need to be programmed outside of selecting a few pieces with your mouse and keyboard. For most basic automation setups, the auto configuration tool is all you need.

Liveview / Simulation

We use Loxone Config a lot! One of the tools we use quite frequently is the Live View & Simulation tool. When you want to know what your system is doing Live, just use the Live View and you will see what is on, what is off, what lighting values are being sent, and what state the system is at. This is a great troubleshooting tool to find any errors.

The Simulation tool is a must for advanced programming. If you’re not sure how something is going to work according to your design, you can simulate it and see if it’ll work without any wiring needed to be done. With this tool you essentially program to your heart’s content without affecting anything in real life. It’s great for testing those crazy automation ideas you have!

Want to learn how to program Loxone Config?

We Can Help!

At TSB, we provide a complete course on Loxone Config from years of installing and programming Loxone systems. We have created a course that is presented in a practical way for people to begin a project with confidence.