Loxone Link

Providing flexibility and scalability

Loxone Link is the communication protocol between the miniserver and all Loxone extensions.

How Does It Work?

Not all projects will require Loxone Link, especially the smaller ones. However, if you need to add more capabilities you will need to add an extension to your system via Link. You typically connect Link with push-in connectors as pictured below. The blue side is considered + Link, and the white side – Link.  You would then match this up with the next extension and daisy chain to as many are needed, with a limit of 30 extensions.  After the last extension you place a 120 ohm resistor to act as a stop sign for the communication signal.

Want to learn more about Loxone?

We Can Help!

At TSB, we provide a complete course on Loxone based on years of installing and programming Loxone systems in North America. We have created a course that is presented in a practical way for people to begin a project with confidence.