Loxone Tree

For flexible wiring

Loxone Tree is Loxone’s proprietary wired communication protocol that offers flexiblity in wiring lights, sensors, and switches, while saving the need to run as many wires to control these devices.

Easter Egg: Throughout our website you will see the Tree icon to identify devices/products that use Tree technology

What is Loxone Tree Technology?

Loxone Tree is Loxone’s wired proprietary communication protocol, with added encryption between security-related Tree devices. Tree allows for flexible wiring of Loxone devices through its ability to use any combination of wiring topology. This lets you choose the most optimal wiring configuration for your project for faster installs and cost savings.

Quick Points

  • Up to 80% cable reduction from star wiring
  • Max length of a Single Tree run: 500m
  • Combine star, bus, tree or inline topologies
  • Never wire a Tree run as a ring
  • Tree branches can not be connected together
  • 25 Tree products currently offered by Loxone (as of Aug 2021)
  • Max 50 devices can be attached to a single tree branch
  • Tree intercommunication can be used to make a network of Miniservers
  • Can be run with Cat5 or better cable or Loxone Tree Cable
  • Recommend twisted pair for Tree communication

Product List

How Does Tree Work

In the picture below you can see several tree runs originating from the bottom left corner that then go throughout the house. These runs then split amongst the Tree devices in the rooms for efficient use of wire. Tree runs are configured based on load considerations with smaller runs for power hungry devices and longer runs with small devices such as switches.

How does it connect? PUSH IN

In the connection diagram you can see multiple runs coming from the 1st floor to Tree Extension 1. We’ve numbered it so in total you will see 6 wire runs. You can connect as many runs to one branch as long as the total number of devices on all the runs is not more than 50. So in this example all the runs from 1 to 6 are coming into left branch (square number 1) of Tree Extension 1.

Tree extension 1 still has the right branch (square number 2) available, which is running to the 2nd floor. Remember, never cross the two branches.

Finally, in this example there is another tree extension (Tree Extension 2) which is added to the system for the ability to control another run (run 8) to the 3rd floor. This example assumes that run 7 is going to have the maximum of 50 devices, so therefore another extension is required.

Getting Started with Loxone Tree

To start using Tree, you need the Tree Extension if you have the Miniserver Gen 1 or Miniserver Go. However, the Miniserver Gen 2 has Tree built in. It includes one branch for up to 50 Tree devices and you can always add a Tree Extension to expand the system.

You can now start adding Tree devices to your system. Wiring them is simple as they use a push-in connector and with Loxone’s Tree Cable you have a convenient cable with appropriate wire gauges for communication and power. The list of Tree devices is always growing and can be combined with Air devices as you see fit. For example, you can have a wireless door sensor that triggers a relay to turn on a siren but works with an NFC Touch Tree to activate the alarm.

Miniserver Gen 2

The Loxone Miniserver Gen 2 is next generation of Loxone’s flagship automation controller. This controller has built in Tree Communication in with one Tree branch at the bottom (green and white connector). This allows you to quickly benefit from Loxone Tree products without having to add a tree extension.

Technical Capabailities

  • Is a controller so no other controller is required
  • Can be expanded using more extensions
  • Supports up to 50 Tree Devices
  • Mounts on Din Rail
  • Can be used for tree intercommunication with other Miniservers
  • Powered by 24V DC power supply

Installation diagram

Installation Diagram for Miniserver Gen 2

Tree Extension

The Loxone Tree Extension can be used with the Loxone Miniserver Gen 1, Gen 2 or Miniserver Go. It includes two Tree branches, left and right, that support 50 Tree devices each. You can always add more Tree Extensions if you need to connect more Tree devices and to also increase the tree wiring range for very large projects.

Technical Capabailities

  • Requires a controller to work
  • Can be expanded using more extensions
  • Supports up to 100 Tree Devices
  • Mounts on Din Rail
  • Powered by 24V DC power supply

Installation diagram

Want to learn more about Loxone?

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At TSB, we provide a complete course on Loxone based on years of installing and programming Loxone systems in North America. We have created a course that is presented in a practical way for people to begin a project with confidence.