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Exclusive LiteTouch to Loxone Replacement Quote

Answer a few questions about your LiteTouch installation and our rapid quoting tool will recommend the products you need to get a complete Loxone replacement and provide a detail USD price to Loxone hardware.

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Internet Free

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08-2108-018 Channel Dimmer Module
08-2134-01Quad II Dimmer Module
08-2118-01Fan Speed Control Module
08-2140-01Inverse Phase Dimmer Module
08-2150-01Electronic Ballast Dimmer Module
08-2208-018 Channel Relay Module
08-2200-016 Channel Relay Module
08-2100-016 Channel Dimmer Module
08-2210-01High Power Relay Module
08-2235-01Low Voltage 8 Channel Relay Module
08-2290-01Maintained Contact Data Input Module
08-2290-02Momentary Contact Data Input Module
08-8610-01Single Power Supply Module
08-8620-01Dual Power Suppy Module

What are the next steps

Hire Local Electrician

Have your local electrician of choice contact us about upgrading your LiteTouch system and we’ll walk through with them on how to begin the upgrade your LiteTouch system. The electrician will be able to provide with a Product price quote and TSB will work through your electrician for the entirety of the project.


If you want to be more hands on the project, that works too! We’ll provide you with all the instruction and drawings you’ll need to manage the upgrade of your LiteTouch system. You will need to hire a electrician for some aspects of the upgrade but with this choice all the Loxone equipment will be sold and shipped to you.

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