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Loxone Multi Extension Air


Item no.: 100116

Retrofitting is easier than ever with the Multi Extension Air.

  • 12 x digital inputs (24VDC)
  • 8 x digital outputs (0-250VAC 16A)
  • 4 x PWM outputs (up to 2.1A @ 24VDC for each channel), Supplied power from 12…24VDC
  • 1-Wire Interface
  • ETL Listed

The extension for your wireless building automation project

Expand your Miniserver

With the Multi Extension Air there are no limits to wireless control: switching loads, temperature monitoring, access control, connecting to sensors and keypads, plus much more.

Control any garden area

Installed in the garage, garden shed, or even summer house, the Multi Air Extension Air can reliably control your patio lighting, watering systems, and garage door.

Easy pool maintenance

Refill water automatically, integrate a safety alarm, customize colorful lighting scenes, even activate a smart filtration system based on pool usage. Together with the Multi Extension Air, the Miniserver will become your ultimate pool management system.

Create a smart sauna

Install the Multi Extension Air remotely from the Miniserver. Configure any push button to turn the heat on or off, customize colorful lighting scenes, and control the temperature. The most relaxing sauna experience ever.

Breaking down “Multi”

There’s so much you can do with the Multi Extension Air!
Learn more about its capabilities in our video:

1 x Multi Extension Air
1 x SMA Antenna

More information coming soon.

More information coming soon.

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