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Loxone Stereo Extension


Item no.: 100429

For easy expansion of the Audioserver

The Stereo Extension extends the Audioserver by two additional amplifier outputs. Combine any outputs of any extension into fixed or flexible groups and create a highly flexible and low-maintenance multiroom audio installation. Simple configuration is done in the Loxone Config.

  • High-quality sound for all wired speakers
  • Possibility of fixed and flexible audio zones
  • Maintenance-free due to seamless integration of hardware and software
  • 2x Amplifier outputs (stereo output or downmix stereo audio to mono)
  • DIN rail mounting (2 TE)
  • Low power consumption, 0.91W when idle
  • Works with Apply Airplay


With each Stereo Extension, you easily extend the Audioserver with two additional amplifier outputs. This brings more possibilities for more than just music in all rooms.

The Stereo Extension can be easily mounted on a DIN rail. Outputs can be individually combined into fixed and flexible groups.

Deliver a stereo output or downmix stereo audio to mono.

Simple configuration done in Loxone Config.

1 x Stereo Extension
1 x Product Guide

More information coming soon.

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