Touch & Grill Air


Item no.: 100341

All the functions of a Touch Pure plus special grilling functions make the Touch & Grill the first smart home grill thermometer. It’s not only about perfectly grilling those steaks…there’s so much more functionality waiting to be discovered.

  • Two high-quality temperature sensor probes
  • Integrated timer
  • Full Loxone Smart Home App functionality
  • Touch Pure with Loxone Switch Standard
  • Includes rechargeable battery

The first grill thermometer with smart home functionality

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Anyone who has ever watched over a nice piece of meat on the grill knows that every moment counts to achieve that perfect barbecue flavor.

If you call yourself a grill master now, just wait until you see the next level that the Touch & Grill can take you to.

“Medium rare” is no longer a question of chance. Slice into a steak or roast perfected by the smart home. It will leave even vegetarians wanting second helpings.

Good taste on and off the grill

No other thermometer has versatility like the Touch & Grill. Grilling and the outdoors are an obvious match. That’s why the Touch & Grill has high-quality housing, a UV-resistant glass surface and a long-lasting battery.

On the grill

Exactly as you would expect from a grill thermometer, the Touch & Grill guarantees that every dish becomes a culinary masterpiece at just the right time.

With two temperature sensors, you can measure two temperatures at the same time.

With either core or cooking chamber temperature, you can always have the temperature in view.

The display is integrated into your Loxone Smart Home App.

Define your target temperature and the Touch & Grill will notify you with an alarm at the exact moment when the temperature is reached. Instantly, it sends a notification via the app.

In the yard

After your proud moment serving up a crowd-pleasing steak, you can continue to impress your guests.

Turn up the music, activate “Party” mood and more.

With our five-button Touch Standard, you can control your home as you’d like.

In the oven

As grilling season comes to an end, the Touch & Grill makes its way indoors to the oven.

The same functions become completely applicable indoors.

Holiday season is closer than you think, and now easier than you think, with the Touch & Grill.

In the kitchen

With its own timer, this handy tool becomes an all-around kitchen helper.

Once time runs out, you will know immediately thanks to the Touch & Grill alarm and the app.

Picture this: Right when your hands are messy a song you don’t like comes on. Change it easily with the Touch & Grill.

Just remember to clean it after with the wipe of a damp cloth.

Get creative

Not a meat lover?

No matter your diet, you probably enjoy a glass of wine with dinner.

Use the Touch & Grill to make sure you can enjoy your wine at just the right temperature.

Think even more out-of-the-box by using it to check your frying oil or even baby milk.

Grill & chill

Always the right temperature
Everyone knows low and slow is the way to go for the best barbecue. But no one wants to stand in front of a grill for hours. Thanks to the Touch & Grill, you can be with company and enjoy yourself while your brisket perfects itself. The app will show you the temperature of your barbecue at any time from anywhere.Smart home flavor away from your smart home
In the Loxone Smart Home, the Touch & Grill becomes the most versatile grill thermometer to ever exist. But all basic functions – timer, temperature display, clock, alarm – are still available without connection to the smart home.This means you can have a barbecue at a friend’s house and bring your best grilling mate – your Touch & Grill – along with you. Especially with long lasting battery, you can rely on it to cook to the perfect point no matter where you are.Don’t miss the party!
Your barbecue party is in full swing and, of course, you want to be part of it. This means no standing next to the barbecue or checking the app all the time. Every moment counts.Once your barbecue food reaches the right temperature, your Smart Home informs you immediately e.g. via text-to-speech function that it is time to remove the barbecue food from the grill.

Serving made simple with Loxone Switch Standard

Only possible in the Lozone Smart Home, the Touch & Grill can become a stylish control element inside your home. Kitchen or terrace? The Touch & Grill can be used at different locations, so it can be used as a control element for different rooms.The Loxone Standard offers easy, effortless control: central touch point for lighting and the smaller corners for shading and music adjustments.

Do it all in the app

With the Loxone Smart Home App, you can check on your home no matter where you are, Touch & Grill included. You can also simply use the Loxone Smart Home App to select which room the Touch & Grill should control.Then you can set your target temperatures, monitor the current temperature and set a timer. Receive a push notification when either is ready. You can even track statistics.

Touch & Grill in detail

Intuitive control

The color coding of the temperature sensors and the corresponding sockets make perfect sense. Temperature is immediately displayed in the app and on the Touch & Grill. A green and a yellow LED indicate which temperature is currently visible.

High-quality glass

The user interface of the Touch & Grill is made of high-quality, durable glass. A gentle touch is enough for operation. The satin finish is achieved by ceramic finishing of the glass surface. No visible fingerprints.


No need to worry about outdoor use causing wear to the Touch & Grill. High-quality, UV-resistant materials keep its color and operation just like first use.

Digital display

The digital display can show the time, the timer and the temperatures of the two sensors. The display brightness is up to you. Also choose whether the display is permanently active or in battery mode. The display can also switch to standby mode.

Upper activation button and status LED

With a short click on the upper center button, the digital display can be switched. The two colored LEDs indicate which temperature is currently being displayed. The device is switched on and off by a 3-second click.

Always the exact moment

The target temperature will signal an alarm to go off. At the same time, you will receive a push notification so that you are informed anytime and anywhere.

Tip: You can have your Loxone Music Server announce when your barbecue is ready!

Set your timer

he lower middle button starts the timer (pictured above). Hold for two seconds to start setting your time. Now you can set the timer time with the four corners. By clicking the lower middle button again for two seconds, the timer is stopped.

Lasting battery

The Touch & Grill has an integrated rechargeable battery. The battery is made to last for several days until you need a recharge. Battery life can be read in the app.

Impressive quality

Crafted with integrity and specially selected materials, the Touch & Grill becomes a grilling staple. Rubber feet help it stand freely and stable at all times.

Electrical Data

  • Power supply: 5VDC via Micro USB Power supply, integrated Li-Ion Battery
  • Power consumption : typ. 150mW, max. 4W
  • Power loss: max. 4W
  • Battery lifetime: Stand-by mode:without connected sensors: max. 1,450 hours (max. 2 month), Continuous operation: with connected sensors: max. 170 hours (max. 7 days), Battery life with active display: max. 7 hours
  • Interfaces : Loxone Air: 868MHz (SRD Band Europe), 4 channels available, 915MHz (ISM Band Region 2), 10 channels available, max. Power 3.16mW
  • Humidity: max. 95% r.H. (non condensing)
  • Touch points: 7 touch points, capacitive touch detection
  • Click feedback : Yes
  • Temperature alarm : When the desired temperature is reached, you will be notified via the built-in alarm signal or the Audioserver
  • Timer function : Timer adjustable on the device, built-in alarm signal or alarm playback via Audioserver
  • Display: Time, alarm time and temperature

Product Characteristics

  • Colours: Anthracite: RAL7016
  • Finish: matte

Weight & Dimensions

  • Net weight: 418g
  • Total weight: 790g
  • Product dimensions: 120x120x75mm / 4.72×4.72×2.95” (LxWxH)


Shipped in the Box

  • 1 x Touch & Grill
  • 2 x Temperature sensor (1500 mm)
  • 1 x USB power supply with 3 adapters
  • 1 x USB A to micro B cable (Power only)
  • 1 x Instructions

If using the Miniserver

Components List

Wire List

    • 1 x Cat5 or better, network Cable to connect the Miniserver to your network or computer to program the system
    • 1 x 18 AWG to 23 AWG pair (solid core preferred) to transfer power from Power supply to Miniserver
    • 1 x 18 AWG to 23 AWG pair (solid core preferred) to transfer power from the Miniserver to the Air Base Extension
    • 1 x 18 AWG to 23 AWG twisted pair (solid core and shielded preferable) to connect the Miniserver Loxone Link to the Air Base Extension

If using the Miniserver Go

Components List

    • 1 x Miniserver Go is required
    • 1 x Network Switch or Modem Required

Wire List

    • 1 x Cat5 or better, network Cable to connect the Miniserver Go to your network or computer to program the system

Installation Diagram

Connection Diagram