Valve actuator Air


Item no.: 100163

The Loxone Valve Actuator offers smart heating control on a room-by-room basis. Thanks to Loxone Tree technology, the actuators have been designed to minimise configuration time.

  • Available in Wired (Tree) version: Valve Actuator Tree
  • For precise individual room temperature control
  • Whisper-quiet thanks to high-quality stepper motor
  • Punch down connectors for faster wiring
  • Fully upgradeable with free, software updates
  • Status LED for learning in
  • Compatible with many popular valves (adapters available)
  • Top price: performance ratio

Intelligent temperature control in any room

With Loxone Valve Actuators, every room can be set to a different temperature, and unlike a smart thermostat, each and every room in your home can be controlled independently of the other, meaning even bigger savings on your heating bill!

Control heating and cooling

The Loxone Valve Actuator isn’t just for heating. It can also be used to control cooling and fan coil units, which means it’s perfect for hotels, offices, schools and shops in addition to homes.

Easy to set up

Fit the Valve Actuator on the radiator valve or on the heating manifold, then power it by inserting batteries or providing a 24V connection (Air) or wiring it in (Tree). The actuators are automatically detected in Loxone Config and are completely configured within minutes.

Integrated temperature sensor

The integrated temperature sensor (Loxone Valve Actuator Air only) can measure the room temperature accurately and be used to control it precisely.

Quiet motor

The actuator is equipped with an advanced stepper motor. This keeps any movement noise to a minimum.

Compatible with most valves

You will receive the valve actuator with a standard valve adapter (VA80) which is compatible with many popular heating valves. Moreover, we offer additional adapters as accessories in our webshop.

Button for function of your choice

The Valve Actuator has an in-built button on the top which can be used according to your preference – for instance, switching to heating mode, or as a boost button for a little extra warmth.

Integrated status LED

The bicolor LED gives information about the status of the actuator.

Installation and Configuration

The topology of Loxone Tree gives you the flexibility to wire your actuators in the way that best suits your project. The actual wiring takes mere minutes: Pull the cable from actuator to actuator, use the Tree tool* to insert cables into the punch down connectors, and you’re done!*The Tree tool is included with the Tree Extension.

Electrical Data

  • Power supply: 5 to 30VDC or 2 x 1.5V AA batteries
  • Power consumption: typ. 170mW, max. 1.2W
  • Power loss: max. 1.2W
  • Interface: Loxone Air: 868MHz (SRD Band Europe), 4 channels available, 915MHz (ISM Band Region 2), 10 channels available, max. Power 3.16mW
  • Ambient temperature: -20 … 55°C / -4 … 131°F
  • Humidity: max. 80% r.H. (non condensing)
  • Push force: min. 70N
  • Stroke length: 5.3mm / 0.21″
  • Temperature detection range: -40 … 125°C / -40 … 257°F; +/- 0.5°C / 0.9°F


  • Wire cross-section: 0.26 … 0.34mm² / AWG23 … 22
  • Temperature resistance: -40 … 105°C / -40 … 221°F
  • Orange / White: + 24VDC / GND
  • IDC-technology: The wires of a cable are pressed into a single insulation cutting terminal. This connection technique works without soldering,
    screwing and stripping.


Shipped in the Box

  • 1 x Valve Actuator Air
  • 1 x valve adapter VA 80
  • 2 x AA batteries

If using the Miniserver

Components List

Wire List

    • 1 x Cat5 or better, network Cable to connect the Miniserver to your network or computer to program the system
    • 1 x 18 AWG to 23 AWG pair (solid core preferred) to transfer power from Power supply to Miniserver
    • 1 x 18 AWG to 23 AWG pair (solid core preferred) to transfer power from the Miniserver to the Air Base Extension
    • 1 x 18 AWG to 23 AWG twisted pair (solid core and shielded preferable) to connect the Miniserver Loxone Link to the Air Base Extension

If using the Miniserver Go

Components List

    • 1 x Miniserver Go is required
    • 1 x Network Switch or Modem Required

Wire List

    • 1 x Cat5 or better, network Cable to connect the Miniserver Go to your network or computer to program the system

Connection Diagram