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LiteTouch to Loxone Replacement Quote

Answer a few questions about your LiteTouch installation and our rapid quoting tool will recommend the products you need to get a complete Loxone replacement and provide a detail USD price to Loxone hardware.

08-2108-01 8 Channel Dimmer Module
08-2134-01 Quad II Dimmer Module
08-2118-01 Fan Speed Control Module
08-2140-01 Inverse Phase Dimmer Module
08-2150-01 Electronic Ballast Dimmer Module
08-2208-01 8 Channel Relay Module
08-2200-01 6 Channel Relay Module
08-2100-01 6 Channel Dimmer Module
08-2210-01 High Power Relay Module
08-2235-01 Low Voltage 8 Channel Relay Module
08-2290-01 Maintained Contact Data Input Module
08-2290-02 Momentary Contact Data Input Module
08-8610-01 Single Power Supply Module
08-8620-01 Dual Power Suppy Module